Saturday, January 12, 2013

without posting daily!

Ugh... I just realized even though I was off yesterday, I *never* posted.  I swear I am going to post daily or ... or ... hmmm or what?  I'm going to feel disappointed in myself for not keeping a goal I set a couple of days before the new year.  Yes, that's it.  I feel let down by myself for not writing.  

I have no one to blame but myself.  I need to truly prioritize my days.  Geeze at 40+ years you would think I would have my routine down pat.  But I don't.  I guess that's because I'm one of those creative free spirited types.  Who makes lists, get through half of to-do's and then... something catches my attention and I forgo finishing the to-do's.

Please don't misunderstand... I do get most of the important stuff done.  Like, getting Kid 1 from point A to B; picking up Kid 2 at point B and shuttling over to point C and finally grabbing Kid 3 from point C as well as Kid 2; back to point B to get Kid 1 ... all in a window of three hours.

So, new to-do list for Fridays... Two things are getting added:  1) write blog post and 2) check Nook FB page for Free-book-Fridays!

Off to contemplate my Saturday post, because it is Saturday and I need to keep my writing goal!

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