Sunday, January 20, 2013

without internet searches!

Or perhaps perusing the shelves of your local library.  Either, you may not end up finding what you started out looking for!

For instance, I have been debating on how I want to paint our front door.  I remember when my husband and I traveled to Ireland some fifteen years ago--these amazing front doors painted in various detailed designs.  Yet, when I do an internet search of "Irish front doors" I usually end up finding images of boldly painted front doors in solid colors or images that "are NOT Irish front doors."  So I can't seem to find any doors that resemble the ones we saw.

Sometimes, though other searches may have started out for one topic and have led me to another.  One that is helpful, and results, I'm pleasantly surprised by.  This is why an internet search could be compared to a trip to the local library.

How often have you gone to pick up a book, and discovered a new author or book?  Or a solution to how to help your overly-energetic pup redirect that excessive energy? Perhaps you find a new flowering bush to fill that empty spot in your garden!  Then again, you might just find a book with pictures of intricately painted Celtic patterns.

What have you discovered on the internet or in your local library?

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