Tuesday, January 22, 2013

without Castle!

Ok, I have a weakness... crime shows.  But what draws me in like a moth to a flame... Castle and he's a writer!  He is a sharp dresser, a charmer and... did I mention a writer?

I remember some time ago I was trying to track down movies that involved a writer as one of the characters.  One of my favorites is Romancing the Stone.  Then came Jewel of the Nile... it was good, but not as much as Romancing the Stone.  Another one I've watched repeatedly is Under the Tuscan Sun.  Most recently, Eat, Love, Pray.

So after a quick internet search I found these articles ...


...My thoughts after reading all of them most of the movies were dark and gloomy. *sigh*  Although some I'm going to track down are The MuseFinding Forrester, and Miss Potter. I know I've missed others... please share them in a comment below!

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