Tuesday, January 8, 2013

without a fork in the path of life.

I'm sure at one point in time we've all been there...  wondering do I go left or right.

The path to the left looks easy, there are no pot holes.  You buckle up for what seems like a quiet ride and suddenly there are three companions with you.  The one in front with you, Misery, begins to fiddle with the heating and cooling.  Then opens the windows.  You weren't prepared for this.  First the sweat is pouring off you and it makes it difficult to see the road.  Then a blast of cold air hits you like a slap to the face. You begin to wonder why me?

It doesn't end there.  The two in the back seat, Doubt and Despair, start a fight over who can look out the others' window.  The verbal taunts roll off their tongues without remorse.  When you think you can't take anymore, it escalates into a physical confrontation.  You've reached your limit.  You can no longer focus on traveling any further so you pull over.  You wonder can I really go on.

Your three companions turn their attention to you.  Under siege now you bow your head you make a silent request... "Help me see a solution to this situation."

Hearing no answer to your plea, you look up and see a sign showing you another fork in the road.  This time you chose the pathway to the right.  It's rough and unpaved.  Looking over your shoulder and preparing to proceed you realize your three companions have decided they no longer wish to travel with you.  But you are not alone.  Three new companions have joined you Faith, Hope and Charity.

Have you ever been there?  How was your ride?  Which set of companions traveled with you?

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