Sunday, January 6, 2013

without learning "all the rules" to a basketball.

On Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to see a couple of my sons' basketball games.  Just when I thought I knew all the rules of the game, a violation was called that I hadn't heard before.

The players from both teams were setting up for a foul shot.  The player who was fouled shot his basket.  Then the ref blew his whistle and gave the team shooting the foul shots another two.  Apparently, a player from the opposing team made a violation.  But I didn't see anyone move out of their spot or reach for the ball.

After the game was over, I asked the coach to explain the violation.  One of his new players had not been in his "specified spot" before the foul shot was taken.  When the ref realized this he called a violation on the player. 

Do you want to know the violation?  The player's foot was on a line, instead of behind it.  When this player got into position he did not realize his foot was on the line.  The ref saw his foot on the line after the foul shot took place.  Whether the ref assumed the player moved or not, I do not know.

I wonder how many more rules I do not know for basketball...  I guess I'll have to research that subject, however, that will have to wait until after I finished reading my TBR pile.

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