Thursday, January 17, 2013

without pet peeves!

I have had it...!  As I've mentioned previously before I have children.  They are precious to me.  I'll do anything to protect them.  I've pulled over to do so.  Why you ask?

Years ago, when I learned to drive I seem to recall one of my instructors (parents, boyfriend-now-husband, paid-driving instructor) telling me to always keep a safe distant between the vehicle I was driving and the one in front of you.  But it was my friend Donna who told me she like to keep the crazy drivers in front of her... and I have to agree.

My pet peeve... if you are behind me and I can't see your license plate nor your headlights--because you are too d*mn close to my vehicle; I'm going to pull over and let you pass.  Why?  Because my greatest fear is I'm going to have to stop for something or someone and the vehicle behind me is going to rear-end my vehicle.  Then me, or worse, one of my children is going to get hurt and pay the price for someone's inability to judge the distance between two vehicles.

Do you have a pet peeve like mine?  


  1. Yes...crazy drivers in front. Easier to keep your eye on them that way. I have found that there are more annoying tailgaters in rural VA then I ever experienced in NJ. I wonder how TX is gonna be. I'll find out soon.

  2. I could ask my dad about TX... he's been living there almost 30 years. Hubby has been there a few times on business. I'm glad to only have to go to the big city across the bridge once-in-a-while too. Don't miss those crazy drivers.