Thursday, January 17, 2013

without acronyms!

When I was fresh out of college, I went to work in a Quality Assurance Department for a vendor of an aerospace company.  I learned all sorts of acronyms.  Most of which I can't remember what they stood for now if you asked me.

With need to shorten text messages and relay a complete message, new acronyms were created.  Many of us use LOL daily, for example.

Some of those ones I'm familiar with; but might now be known are ...

SOB - Son of a Beachball

GOAT - Greatest of all time 
(This one we learned thanks to my husband's friend Scott *G*)

PITA - Pain in the adenoid

OMW - On my way or OH MY WORD
 ... discovered second meaning accidentally 

OMWH - On my way home
OMWHF - Oh my word, How funny!?!

I know the list is endless... Share with me your favorite or funniest one!

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