Monday, January 21, 2013

with a gallbladder!

If you have been following my blog, you might notice something about this entry's title that differs from others.  I used the word "with" instead of "without."

I had my gallbladder removed after giving birth to our second child.  During that pregnancy I had a gallbladder attack that I thought was a heart attack.  I was so scared.  Seven months pregnant and I couldn't think why I couldn't breathe.  (Side note:  Always seek medical attention if you have ANY complications at ANY point in your pregnancy... as NO two women or pregnancies are every the SAME!)

Over the years I have had to change my eating habits.  Fast food I soon discovered was never to pass my lips without a gallbladder.  Did you know that this little organ helps you digest the "grease/oil/fat" found in various foods?  I didn't then but sure do now; since I haven't had mine for 14 years.

I love bacon and sausage but have to be careful how much I eat and what type.  Same goes with beef.  Chicken and fish are much kinder to me.

Then there is condiments... Mayo I can use, but limited.  Same with some salad dressings.  Others don't seem to upset my delicate system.

But too much of the wrong ingredients, and well, I've found myself down-and-out-for-the-count for at most a day or two.  Then there have been times when I wished I could stay in bed, and had to re-group in a matter of an hour and drag my sorry butt out of bed.  Why?  Because I am a mom and Moms don't get a "sick day."  Only when/if dad is working from home do I get a "sick day."

So, why am I writing about my gallbladder... Because Sunday evening I made the "wrong food choice" and thankfully dad was home!


  1. Every Cat scan and Pet scan shows that have gallstones. They're scary. My older brother had to have his gallbladder removed and so did my father.
    Hmm. Is this next for me?

  2. Irene, I had no choice. My gallbladder was full, full to the brim. Scariest part of learning this was the thought that if... IF... I didn't have it removed complication could result affecting my pancreas... an organ I believe you can't live without.