Thursday, January 17, 2013

without books with swear words or perhaps not!

I received an e-reader for Mother's Day ... and enjoy immensely the chance to preview books

Well, a few authors recently posted new releases... so I went on a frenzy to download samples.  I figured I could read them when I had 5 to 15 minute periods of time free, and then buy the ones I found that piqued my interest.

I was *EXTREMELY* grateful I had the opportunity to read a sample of one book, because I won't be buying it.  I was turned off by the use of profanity to the point I disappointed in the author.  The storyline drew me in, but I refuse to spend my hard-earned-money to buy it. 

I feel there are times when it is appropriate, however as I stated the author over did it. 

Do you feel the same?  Or, do you take a different stance?

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