Wednesday, January 2, 2013

without the end of a vacation and maternal moments!

You know them.  The ones where you get up and really wish today was the day you could snuggle under the covers and forget the world!  Yep, that's what today was for me.  The first day back to "reality." *GROAN*

If it could happen it did. 

So, I'm giving myself off the rest of what is left of tonight and I'm going to read.  I returned the majority of the books I borrowed and didn't get to read.  I kept four from an author I consider on my top "10" list.  I realize I haven't read another author from that list in a while.  Then when I couldn't recall her name... it happened, I realized I was having a  Maternal Moment!   Couldn't be a Senior Moment I'm not "Over the Hill" yet! *LOL*

I've achieved my goal, I wrote another entry....!

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