Sunday, January 27, 2013

without critics!

Where would some books, plays, movies, songs be without the critics?

Think about it.  Many of us turn to that page in the paper to see what the critics say out the latest book or movie.  Is it worth our hard earned money?  Does the "critics" say it is worth it?  Or did they give it an "F-" or a single star?  Who are these so-called "critics?"  Should we trust them?

Where do these questions come from?  I occasionally get the opportunities to watch the CBS Sunday Morning Show.  Imagine my surprise to learn a play write looked at it as a positive, to have a play of his that was nominated for a Pulitzer, rejected. Then to see a singer and songwriter, who has five (yes, five) million fans have his performances called melodramatic by critics over the decades.

Apparently, they survive these external critics... perhaps, then I could survive my internal critics and leave my mark, after all, before I draw my last breath.  Because in the end, it is not the critics buying our stories, albums, and tickets... it is our fans... our families... and our friends.

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