Friday, May 3, 2013

without yardwork!

Yesterday I did it!  I tackled an over grown and neglected ornamental grass "clump." 

Several years ago, a neighbor with whom we share a mutual plot of yard with asked if they could plant this ornamental grass at the one end.  We didn't think there would be harm, as it was small plant in a six inch pot.  Boy were we wrong!

I tried last weekend to cut back the dead and decaying sections.  Soon, though I lost the battle and my determination to purge the mess.  Over the next few days I sought a solution to helping win the war.  Then it came to me, all I needed was a spool of simple white string.

You'd think this would be an easy item to find at your local "we-have-everything-store."  No.  I went directly to the garden center and asked where I could find white string.  The helpful store attendant promptly said, "Follow me."  Pointed at a peg board and said it should be hanging there.   Then continued on, pointing in two more locations.  I timidly said, "Umm, I don't see it.  Where is the white string?"  She replied, "We don't carry white, but here is green." 

I walked away bemused.  I clearly stated, when I first asked the attendant, where is the white (NOT GREEN) string.  I know some of you must be shaking your head going white green what's the difference.  Big I would reply.  I ended up finding the white string (ON MY OWN!).  The spool was twice the length of the green for around the same price.  I did let management know it would be a good idea *IF* an employee doesn't know the answer to a customer's question that they simply say I don't know OR help the customer find someone who does. 

In this day and age of technology certainly there should be some way to check inventory.  Wouldn't you think?

Okay, so with string in hand I was able to tie up several bundles of the unruly dead reeds.  It took me a while but in the end I feel I made a difference to the new growth. 

The war isn't over, because there is still decaying material around the base that needs to be raked up and bagged.  But that will have to wait until this weekend.  Other chores (laundry, laundry, laundry) must be tackled today!

What task have you put off for a week, month or years?  Have you tried and didn't succeed to win the battle?  Try again.  I know you can do it.  Just like I did!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

but apparently not this week.

Every day in our home there are challenges we must overcome... I have three sons, two golden retrievers and a husband.

But Monday became another one of those days I won't forget.  Nor will my family.  It was my eldest who told me about it though I had spent the day working for home.  He was watching a sports update.

Our hearts go out to those affected.  We pray for them to have the ability to heal both mentally and physically.

Bless each and every person who rose up and became heroes that day in the hour of need. 

Thank you for putting your life on the line.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

without the butts!

As I was leaving a store yesterday, the breeze increased causing me to turn my face.  A movement caught my eye.  I stopped and realized rolling across the parking lot were a couple dozen cigarette butts.  An idea popped into my head for a project.

I want to start a project entitled, "See a Butt, Pick it Up!"

Years ago, while on a Cub Scout field trip I learned from our guide at Palmyra Nature Cove that cigarette butts were becoming a problem for them.  Why?  Birders would come, perch to watch their feather friends in a quiet and serene locations only to litter the area with their butts!!!  The guide said he was doing all he could to "educate" the masses.

Here is a few websites where you can learn more of damage these butts make:

Cigarette Butt Litter -- IMPACTS!

Cigarette Butts: Tiny Trash That Piles Up

The Facts About Cigarette Butts and Litter

Litter Fact Sheet -- Cigarette Butts

Who is going to help me?  Show of hands!!!  See a Butt, Pick it Up!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

without a new start, it is Springtime right?!?

Hello world!

Ok, I fell off the band wagon.  I stopped composing blog entries when I became extremely overwhelmed and stressed.  One day led to two days behind.  And seven led to fourteen.  Three weeks led to a month.  Next thing I knew it was April 1st.

Yesterday, I contemplated writing a blog entry at many times during the day and but then realized it was 10:00 pm.  Another day gone. Zip... BANG!

Today I decided before it's 10:00 am I was going to post an entry!  Friends I'm back!  I'm going to write, not daily but at least once a week.  Probably Tuesday mornings, because Mondays are just so dang hard to get through with a normal list of "to-do's" I'm not going to stress myself out.  But another writer-friend did suggest doing "it" same day, same time and then it will become habit... what is it, after five times, or is it five weeks.

I have other "to-do's" now on a regular basis.  I've picked up a new client... wish it was six or ten more, but I guess I need to less FBing and surfing and more promoting of my "services" if I want more clients!  Right?!?!!!  RIGHT!!!

Off to work I go! Hi-ho Hi-ho!

Smile... it makes people wonder what you've been up to!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

without commercials!

I'm fed up!!!

Anymore I don't watch TV shows.  I usually listen to them while I am doing the dishes.  Folding laundry.  Or typing my blog entries.  But then a commercial comes along.  And I snatch the remote up and urgently push the button to mute the sound.

So why am I fed up with commercials?  They are annoying and LOUD!  I recall there was a TV being advertised that would lower the volume during commercials.  Bummer we didn't purchase one.  So, for now I will continue to reach for the remote and mute it.

Do commercial annoy you too?

without learning about wine making!

My husband and I learned a lot while we were in Napa.  Why the grape vines are trained to grow the way they are.  This is so the vines can have the maximum amount of sunlight.  It was amazing to see almost every single plant-able area containing rows and rows of vines.  Whether the land was flat or hilly.

Considering the hilly block of vines, the next question was how does one maintain the grass and other ground growth from over coming the vines.  Animals!  Yes, animals.  One winery said they invested in goats.  They not only eat the vegetation, but offer a great fertilization.  All natural.

Our next stop, was the extremely large machine that squeeze the grapes.  If you are as old as I am then you'll remember a scene from an entertaining red-headed-comedian stomping grapes in a barrel with her dear friend.  The senior wine educator shared that people really didn't what to drink wine that tasted of feet any longer.  Of course we all had a good chuckle after that.

He went on to explain that just the juice of white grapes is collected, while with red grapes the juice and skins are collected.  From there, the collections are taken to large tanks to be mixed with various yeasts.  And then after a specified number of days to weeks, the contents are then filtered and placed in barrels.

That's it, it does seem simple... and wine making has been going on for centuries upon centuries.  Would you attempt this?  You don't need much land.  But I would imagine you do need to learn a bit more about planting and the time one must put in to growing the grapes.  Then again, you can buy the grapes from someone else and start there.  Would you stomp them or would you find another way to squeeze the juice of the grapes.  Would you make white or red?  Sweet or dry?  The questions are endless...

without trying something new!

My husband gifted me with a trip to Napa, California.  I've mentioned this in a couple of previous blog entries.

It was wondrous.  I learned that California weather is an odd duck.  The two days while I was there with him, the day time temps were between 65-70; and the nights dipped into the 30s!  I could handle the 30s.  I'm from the East Coast.

Our time was short, due to work and family responsibilities, so he had a plan.  He researched for almost two months before we went out.  So in two days we visited ten wineries.  Yes, I tried wines I never had dreamed of tasting and some that were not to my liking.

I learned how the taste of a wine can change after eating certain foods.  Then made an observation to my husband after a wine tasting along with a specially prepared luncheon, "One should not just sit down and order a bottle of wine.  One should order their meal, then chose a wine that will be enhanced by the food ordered."

For instance, the butter flavors of a Chardonnay mellowed after eating seared tuna.  I had always refused to even taste tuna prepared this way.  Why?  Would you eat raw fish?  I did, but because I felt obligated to try it.  I found I liked it.  But keep in mind it was served with greens and light dressing.   

Will I try it again, perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Have you tried something new as of late?