Thursday, February 9, 2012

Without realizing it's the Witching Hour!

I had a whole different entry I was going to type up tonight and then I visited my kid's high school website. I was overwhelmed with the content on the home page. There is content in so many different colors, size and styles it makes me dizzy. I'm not sure who is behind it, but they need to invest in an editor with a spell checker.

So I decided to give them feedback... there was a button, I clicked it, filled in the form. Submitted it by selecting the submit button. A nice window popped up saying "Thank you for your feedback" with a close button. So I clicked the closed button oh half dozen times, then a dozen more... NOTHING HAPPENED! Java script doesn't appear to be working tonight either. Am I surprised? NOPE!

As George use to say, "Say good night Gracie."
And Gracie would say, "Good Night Gracie."

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