Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Without disorganization!

What would I do all day long if I didn't have to find or clean up stuff...!?!   I'd be a rich woman if I had a quarter (inflation!) every time I heard:

Kid:  "Mom, I can't find my sneakers (or coat, hat, shorts, pants, boots)."
Mom:  "Well, the last time I wore your sneakers I was ..."

Kid:  "Mom, have you seen my pencil--it's on the small side."
Mom:  "Are you talking about this tiny thing?!"

Kid:  "Mom, I can't find my Math book."
Mom:  "Well, the last time I saw it I had just put it on your dresser for safe keeping."

Kid:  "Mom, I don't think I should have to pick up the legos I didn't get them out." 
Mom:  "Well, you have a point. I guess I have to pick them up since I was the last person playing with them." 

*Jingle, Jingle* The sound all those quarters are making in my pocket!


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