Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Without dead batteries!

Isn't it grand to reach for something--like your cell phone, remote, or laptop--only to realize the batteries are dead. I realized more and more of the items we use daily either have a power source that must be charged on a regular basis or take AA batteries.

I guess my recommendation to any young couple who has children is to invest in batteries that you can charge when they run out of power. I know it's still not too late for us to do the same.

There is another battery I was thinking of when I started this entry tho. My battery. So that I can recharge my battery, and keep it charged... I'm going to make another life-changing-resolution. In bed by 10pm when evening activities permit. Of course I will be starting tomorrow night since it's almost 11 now.

To achieve that though, I'm going to have to succeed in finishing more laundry (yes, that dirty word again) during the quiet hours of the day. LOL! This would ensure I wouldn't have to stay up (like I am now) to dry all the clothes I'm washing or have washed; as well fold them. Because dry warm clothes laying in a basket only wrinkle. Then I would have to (gasp) IRON!

Perhaps I'll also try to take our girls (pups) outside more, since the weather seems to be in a warming pattern again. Our trouble-maker, aka Red, has taken to showing me how displeased she is that we haven't been playing outside daily.

Look for my mid-day posts starting tomorrow!

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