Monday, February 6, 2012

Without laundry!

Oh my word, I swear we put two socks in the hamper and we end up with a dozen. Of course, we lose those newly reproduced socks in the washer or dryer.

Also somehow every t-shirt, pair of underwear, sweatshirts and jeans all end up dirty at once... and the owners of said items don't realize they are wearing the last clean one. When do the tell the laundry lady (aka "me") when they hunting in their closet or dresser for another one.

Now they should realize only mass reproducing happens in the hamper but once items are clean, they drastically decrease in number to an alarming state of extinction.

Tonight my girls (aka "Red and Maeve") are helping me with the laundry. Red is stealing socks the minute my back is turned. Maeve is dropping balls in the towel pile for our game of hide and seek later.

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