Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Without starting over... *again*

How many of you make the same resolutions every year on New Year's Eve?

Well I fell for it again and made all those resolutions about exercising more, eating better, writing daily blogs and/or posts, reading for the pure enjoyment of it, and of course purging then organizing every room in the house.


It's February 1st and it doesn't seem I made very much progress.

I've been walking now and again; because Old Man Winter has taken a vacation from visiting the east coast this year. But I could still exercise more.

I've been eating better, more wheat less white; and more fruits and vegetables less sugary sweats. But I guess I could eat smaller portions.

I've thought about blogging and I have posted to my FB page now and again. But I'd like to craft articles and perhaps a story or two and share it with others on my blog.

I've been reading books when time permits by Lynn Kurland and Amelia Grey. And when it doesn't I've started to listen to audio books too! But just last week I listened to Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich.

I do have one closet 50% purged and organized! *Yeah ME!* But there is still 99% of the house that needs to be purged and organized... There is no time like the now to get started... it's never too late!

Where's your New Year's Resolution List... is it under a pile of to do's? Or is it posted on a cork board with check marks? What's left on your list?

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