Sunday, February 10, 2013

without trying something new!

My husband gifted me with a trip to Napa, California.  I've mentioned this in a couple of previous blog entries.

It was wondrous.  I learned that California weather is an odd duck.  The two days while I was there with him, the day time temps were between 65-70; and the nights dipped into the 30s!  I could handle the 30s.  I'm from the East Coast.

Our time was short, due to work and family responsibilities, so he had a plan.  He researched for almost two months before we went out.  So in two days we visited ten wineries.  Yes, I tried wines I never had dreamed of tasting and some that were not to my liking.

I learned how the taste of a wine can change after eating certain foods.  Then made an observation to my husband after a wine tasting along with a specially prepared luncheon, "One should not just sit down and order a bottle of wine.  One should order their meal, then chose a wine that will be enhanced by the food ordered."

For instance, the butter flavors of a Chardonnay mellowed after eating seared tuna.  I had always refused to even taste tuna prepared this way.  Why?  Would you eat raw fish?  I did, but because I felt obligated to try it.  I found I liked it.  But keep in mind it was served with greens and light dressing.   

Will I try it again, perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Have you tried something new as of late?

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