Tuesday, April 9, 2013

without the butts!

As I was leaving a store yesterday, the breeze increased causing me to turn my face.  A movement caught my eye.  I stopped and realized rolling across the parking lot were a couple dozen cigarette butts.  An idea popped into my head for a project.

I want to start a project entitled, "See a Butt, Pick it Up!"

Years ago, while on a Cub Scout field trip I learned from our guide at Palmyra Nature Cove that cigarette butts were becoming a problem for them.  Why?  Birders would come, perch to watch their feather friends in a quiet and serene locations only to litter the area with their butts!!!  The guide said he was doing all he could to "educate" the masses.

Here is a few websites where you can learn more of damage these butts make:

Cigarette Butt Litter -- IMPACTS!

Cigarette Butts: Tiny Trash That Piles Up

The Facts About Cigarette Butts and Litter

Litter Fact Sheet -- Cigarette Butts

Who is going to help me?  Show of hands!!!  See a Butt, Pick it Up!

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