Sunday, December 30, 2012

without the annual year review!

What will you be remembered for in 2012?   

After watching an early Sunday morning show I began to wonder what I would be remembered for.

I think I might be remembered as some but probably not all of theses . . . daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, paper delivery gal, Burger King employee, high school graduate, horse farm help, dental assistant, college graduate, machine shop drafter, aerospace quality assurance clerk, wife, daughter-n-law, sister-n-law, furniture store office clerk and manager, wedding stationary layout artist, aunt, mother, avid reader, writer, newsletter editor, event & calendar project designer/coordinator, special event coordinator, writing organization conference publicist, membership chair, and conference registrar; active scouting volunteer, small business owner, librarian, accounting clerk and most recently part time office admin.  

In 2013, I hope to be remembered for making a least one positive change within my own family circle, my small business, my community, my state or dare I dream . . . my nation 

What will you be remembered for in 2013?

Okay in 2013, realistically I want to be remembered for making my goal to blog daily; even if it is only a single line.  Perhaps, I'll finally finish a manuscript and submit it to either a publisher or an agent.  


  1. Amy, you gotta blog more frequently!
    What did I do in 2012? I helped copy edit several books by other writers, all of which are not in print form. I got one kid through joblessness and another perservering in college. Got a husband still alive and full of interesting ideas.
    As for me, well, I gave up and put three works on Amazon and B&N and got enough notes to write three more books.
    Stayed out of the hospital, too, which is BIG for me.
    For the coming year, I'd like to get something done for myself, something new. I will.
    Keep going, Amy. Don't quit now!

  2. Thanks Irene! You are totally awesome! I've enjoyed all your books! I'm a third of the way through DANCIN' IN THE DARK and I *must* find time to finish it. My all-time-favorite though of yours is KISS MY ECTOPLASM!!! Happy New Year... and I'm not going to quit now that I've made the challenge.