Thursday, March 1, 2012

Without another month closer to Summer!

I don't know about you but I'm not ready for Summer yet. Winter barely made a showing here on the East coast. And Spring is here. I have crocuses up in my yard. Daffodils have broke through and are standing tall with bright sunny blossoms too!

Still on my outdoor chore to-do list is call and schedule tractor service.  Because, well, the backyard could use a once over in spots.  It would be nice to pick up the leaves the trees shed in the fall.  They didn't decompose because they weren't covered with snow for any length of time.

I have to look into getting more 4' fencing to put up so I don't have to run down pups who chase the neighborhood cats.  I know they think they must try to catch them but once the pups tree the cat(s) they look for something new to chase, investigate or worse--eat!

Then I have to cut back the hedges I didn't get to last fall.  I know at least one though I'm ripping out!  No more wild over grown bushes in my yard.  No sir-ree Bob.  Additionally, now that I know the township will take "pricker" bushes--they will be gone too.  My goal is by May to have it under control *again*.

All that work outside... should help me be prepared for Summer!  Are you ready?

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