Monday, September 27, 2010

without ripping lattice from the deck

The challenge how much of the wooden lattice skirt around our deck
could our pups rip off from the deck before we have to replace it...?

Amazingly for the amount of slats we took from them
over the last seven months you'd have thought there was two layers!

So before they attempted to munch much more I started looking
for a non-wooden alternative. I found something called rabbit wire.
Unlike it's cousin chicken wire, rabbit is not too flexible;
in fact it's more ridged and retains it's memory.

I picked up two rolls just in time on Saturday,
because Sunday morning somehow both our girls...
Red (60 lbs) and Maeve (70 lbs),
found themselves stuck under the deck with no way out.

So I had to rip more lattice off to allow them to come to me.

As soon as I had them out, I checked them over like old mother hen
making sure they weren't hurt... then I scolded them.
I brought them inside so I could prepare for the new challenge at hand...
Wrapping our deck skirt area with rabbit wire.

I began to gather my tools and the new rabbit wire rolls.
The first side I tackled had no bushes or stairs near it.
It was by far, the easiest of the three I covered.
The second side had two bushes at either corner and a 10' wooden beam to move.
I was still pumped and making progress.

I let the girls out to see what they would do with the new obstruction.
They though had other plans.
First Red tried to casually walk off with the other roll of rabbit wire.
When that didn't work, she ran up on the deck
and tried to snatch the box of special U-shaped nails...
specially made for attaching wire to fence posts.
So she spoiled it for her and her sister, and back they went into the house.

The third and final side to be tackled presented to a formidable foe!
It had a bush next to the stairs at one end.
If it weren't for my youngest son, some of the task might not have been finished.
He crawled under the bush and help move dirt,
a extremely large log and the old lattice.

Once it was out, he helped me place back in an alternate to the rabbit wire...
as I had ran out (*GASP* the horror) and was stuck to put something, anything
there to cover a hold large enough for me to fit under the deck.

We finished though and what a rush of emotion over completing the task at hand!!!

Now what else can I fix...

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  1. Doggies have one track minds.

    We had a skunk under our side porch. Now, THAT was fun.

    This ought to do the trick, though, but check the pups' mouths for wire cuts. Frequently.