Saturday, September 25, 2010

without losses and finds

This week has been wrought
with thoughts of losses and finds.

I do not think I've ever experienced
or ridden an emotional roller coaster
like the one I rode this week.

I received an email that has helped though to turn
the page of negativity over into a positive one.

I hope to turn my focus to fleshing out
Lost and Found...
my short story entry.
I intend to listen to the characters
as they have been sharing snippets
of their back story with me from time to time.
When I'm doing mundane tasks...
like folding wash, doing the dishes,
or walking the pups.
It's been wonderful to have my muse awakened again!

Entering the contest was just one small step
I needed to take to prove to myself
I have stories to tell the world.

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