Sunday, August 22, 2010

without the need to transform a room's purpose

Challenge, to remove the contents of room
and transform it back to original purpose.

How many of us have done this?

How many of us have done it on a time limit?
Answer, again... probably several.

That's the challenge I've put to myself.

Convert my home office back to a dining room.
Time limit three and half days.

Questions that arise...
What to throw out?
What to keep?
Where to store it?
Where will work?
How to arrange the furniture?
Will it all fit?

Have you performed this task?
How it did you do it?
What advise would you give others?
Why did you do it?

1 comment:

  1. I have a dining room with one wall solid sheetrock. The room is full of all sorts of crud that's been dumped there. The crown molding is half torn off. It has been this way for about four years now. If I could fix it myself, I would!!!!!
    I'd just like to be able to make it look like a dining room even if we don't eat there ever again. : )