Tuesday, August 31, 2010

time slipping through my fingers

Ok, so the room transformation wasn't completed.
I didn't fail though. Nor did I quit.
Time ran out the door and didn't give me a second glance.
I spent two days slaving away and I did make progress.
What I put on the curb on trash day is evident of that.

Additionally, I tackled another task and managed to find
many items while ripping down the prickly ivy
that encompassed a section of our back yard.
Three frisbees! Parts of the old swing set.
The peddle-go-cart my youngest child thought he'd
take apart and build his own "new" go-gart design with.
And lot of half-dollar-size spiders and ones larger! (UGH! EEK!)
In the end, though, I felt invigorated because I succeeded!

This week, I hope to make more.
But the return of school, sports, and scouting has me
wondering when I'll truly get to eek out time
to complete this project.

The other is revamping my website.
I've been reading, yes, Virginia writers read--
that's how they become better writers.
Years ago I had a degree in computer programming.
I loved being able to tell a computer to do something,
and it would do as I instructed.
Now with website design the sky isn't even a limit!

So perhaps, in a few weeks from now,
my office will be dining room.
Nor will my website won't look like a generic template
from a nameless-corporate-software-company.
And both will reflect my preference for colors
this time of year as does my blog...
hues of reds, oranges and yellows.

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