Saturday, June 12, 2010

without my job

I'm one of the librarians for our towns two libraries... and I look forward to enjoying the peace and quiet.

However, this past Thursday was one of most interesting days. A patron came in to use the computer, turned on his MP3 player and logged on. The volume of his "easy listening" was loud enough that I could hear it, and so could all the other patrons. But since no one complained, I left him be. He stayed for four (4) hours, sharing his favorite music selections.

My first couple of hours on the desk were slow, and I silently wished the day would go faster. Let me forewarn you be careful for what you wish, because the next two hours of my shift found me swamped with patrons coming and going every 5 to 10 minutes.

Before I knew it my sons were arriving, as the school day had ended. Which meant I had only one more hour on the desk. Amazingly, the rate of patrons coming and going slowed again.

Hard to believe in five hours I assisted 30 to 40 patrons with their library needs... and I love every minute of it, even when the days are a little unusual.

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